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Over at my blog, I've done a series of Q&As with various writers, from big city sports columnists to Esquire writers to the head writer of The Onion. Check out the links here:


Seth Reiss

Peter Richmond

Patrick Reusse

Will Leitch

Roland Lazenby

Chris Ballard

Chris Jones

Michael Kruse

Kevin Van Valkenburg

Pat Coleman

Joe Posnanski

David Brauer

John Millea

Tom Linnemann


I graduated from St. John's -- the Minnesota one -- in 1997. For 60 years St. John's was home to John Gagliardi, the winningest coach in college football history. Here are a few of my SJU and Gagliardi pieces over the years.


The Annual St. John's/John Gagliardi Propaganda Post

John Gagliardi Says Goodbye

The Johnnies -- And Their Fans -- Melt Down

That Old (Frayed) College Connection

St. John's Moves On, Without Gagliardi

For Vice Sports, my story on John Gagliardi


I grew up Janesville, Minnesota, a town of 2,000 in southern Minnesota. I haven't lived there full time in 20 years, but it'll always be home.


Janesville, the Old Man, and the Doll in the Window

Small Town Heroes, Villains and Roadhouse

The Class of '93

Kids No Longer Wanna Drive a Chevy to the Levee

Small Town Blues

Life at Camp. Or not.

Offensive Art

Futile Pursuit of the Presidential Fitness Award


I've lived in New York since 2004 and have written a lot about my new home, which seems to be my permanent one.


A Short Walk Down Broadway

New Eyes Take in New York

A Little Inwood History

A Night With Hurricane Sandy

Into the Car Pool -- With Strangers

Long Live the Bodega

Inwood -- We're No. 31!


My wife is from Cape Town and I've taken several trips to South Africa with her over the years. A few of my writings from the amazing country.


The Problem With Marrying a Foreign Gal

South Africans and Snow Don't Mix

Becoming a Rugby and Cricket Fan

Integrating My Immigrant Wife

Ignorant American



I'm probably the last person left who still -- still! -- thinks Tiger has a shot at Jack Nicklaus's 18 majors. I've been pulling for him since I saw him winning U.S. Amateurs and that's never changed, even as he seemingly will never win again.


A Day With Tiger

Haney's Book on Tiger's True Believers

Athletes Born in 1975 -- Stop Getting Old



Growing up -- and for years after I grew up -- I played countless hours of board games and video games, and I've spent a lot of time thinking about Strato baseball and Tecmo Super Bowl.


Real Strato Hate Transcends Real Life

David West's Strato No-Hitter

Strato: Best Game Ever

Racetracks and Electric Football

Tecmo: An Appreciation

The Fake Coaches I've Loved--And Fired




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